Edutise: Our Mission

Schools and businesses working together for a brighter future.

About a year ago newspapers were filled with stories about education funding under threat and teachers jobs at risk. The impact of austerity budgets on education will continue to bite for years to come, with per-pupil funding £1,000 lower than it was in 1997. By 2018, the education budget shortfall is expected to hit £4.6 billion.

Forcing schools to do more with less, means children miss out on new technology, field trips, and other benefits of a well-rounded education. Teachers have to buy essentials, such as stationary. With tighter budgets, the quality of education suffers.

The team behind Edutise had to take action, to help schools make budgetary savings they can put back into children’s education.

Edutise is the solution.

We save schools money on supplies and services - which cost British schools £9.2 billion per annum - through a partnership with local small businesses.

Small businesses face similar budgetary challenges as schools; both are spending too much on stationary and office supplies. We believe that money should be spent on children’s education, such as more teachers, new technology, field trips, and other enriching activities.

Our mission is to give schools and small businesses the same bulk-purchase cost savings as larger companies.

We are now making that mission a reality, with hundreds of businesses using our marketplace and signing up every week. With over 5,000 essential products and services for sale, it has never been easier for businesses to help schools give children a better education.

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Edutise: Schools and businesses working together for a brighter future

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