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    Edutise Deals:
    Businesses save money on stationary and supplies
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    Save money on essentials
    Put those savings back into struggling school budgets
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    Schools and businesses working together for a brighter future

Our Mission

We want to put an end to schools being forced to do more with less. The impact of austerity budgets on education will continue to bite for years to come, with per-pupil funding £1,000 lower than it was in 1997. By 2018, the education budget shortfall is expected to hit £4.6 billion.

Small businesses and schools spend billions on stationary and office essentials. Neither can make the savings of larger companies, since both are paying off-the-shelf prices, for essential supplies, whereas larger companies can get discounts on bulk purchase.

Edutise is a way for businesses to help schools, whilst making budgetary savings on thousands of office supplies.

How Edutise Works

Help schools liberate up to £1 billion in savings: Stop paying more than you should for office supplies, services and stationary.

We’ve made our process is as simple as Groupon. Get started today!


Businesses: shop for stationary and supplies

With over 5,000 products online, our marketplace has all you could need.
Huge savings ahead!

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Help a local school

With your basket full of discount supplies, you can nominate a local school, to help pass on these essential cost savings.

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Promote Your Business

Edutise also acts as a free marketing channel, since we promote every business with local schools and parents.

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